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This picture, taken at a presentation by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, has gone viral on Twitter in the wake of emergency legislation being pushed through parliament.

Metadata is often dismissed by politicians because it doesn’t include the content of a phone call or email, only basic details such as when the conversation took place and who it involved. But this picture demonstrates why it is important.

It comes as the government rushes through an emergency bill to force mobile phone companies and internet providers to record the metadata of citizens’ communications.

The draft legislation was introduced yesterday with cross-party support and MPs are expected to pass the bill on Tuesday.

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Hiking selfie from the Perkiomen Trail in Bucks County. #latergram #instagay #hiking #outside (at Perkiomen Trail)

I just want Ice cream and mario kart and cute underwear but my boss expects me to go to work. Like almost every day.

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Steps before the finish line. My fist 8K #priderun #sweatymess #instagay #nyc #frny


Powerful Ad Shows What A Little Girl Hears When You Tell Her She’s Pretty

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Potholes that expose the cobblestones, though?

Fuck outta here, North Philly.

This is such a philly thing. 1 inch of pavement over old cobblestones.


Me throwing shade when I’m 80, 

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It’s a good day for some #baseball #phillies #phillygram #jeffersondayatthephillies #skyline #nofilter (at Citizens Bank Park)

Yes, Mint. I know I’m over budget. I don’t exactly plan to but engagement rings every month.